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Causes of swollen cheeks and how to overcome them

Swollen cheeks are one of the complaints that are often considered annoying because it can make the appearance of the face change too. Swollen cheeks also usually appear along with other complaints, such as pain or discomfort in the cheeks. There are various things that can cause swollen cheeks, ranging from harmless diseases to serious illnesses. Swelling is a condition in which an enlargement occurs in an area of the body, either due to inflammation or a buildup of fluid. Swelling can occur in any part of the body, including the cheeks. Swollen cheeks can be experienced without pain, but some are accompanied by pain, aching, itching, or tingling. Causes of Swollen Cheeks One of the most common conditions that cause swollen cheeks is a disruption in the salivary glands caused by a blockage, infection, inflammation, or even a tumor. The following are some diseases related to salivary glands that can cause the cheeks to become swollen: 1. Infection Infection in the mouth that c
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Apgar Score Test To Check the Condition of Newborns

Apgar scores are assessed by a doctor or midwife on each newborn baby. This examination is carried out to ensure the baby's condition is healthy and fit to be able to live and adapt to the new environment outside the mother's womb. Apgar score or Apgar assessment is one of the physical examinations of infants performed in the first and fifth minutes after the baby is born. The higher the Apgarnya value, the better. A high Apgar value is considered to be a benchmark that the condition of the newborn is healthy and fit after birth. What's the Value in the Apgar Score? The word 'Apgar' itself is taken from several aspects examined, namely: Activity (muscle activity). Pulse (heart rate). Grimace (baby's response and reflex). Appearance (appearance, especially baby's body color). Respiration. Each physical aspect of the baby will be examined by a doctor or midwife with the following values ​​and assessment results: 1. Activity (muscle activity) A s

This Is What Family Needs To Do To Be Better Prepared For Earthquakes

Natural disasters, like earthquakes, cannot be predicted. So, it would be nice if Mother and Father invited the family to prepare themselves, so they know what to do to save themselves if an earthquake occurs. That way, the family can make various efforts to avoid danger during an earthquake. Unlike the anticipated floods, earthquakes are difficult to know when they will occur. This disaster occurs suddenly without warning and is difficult to predict. However, there are ways you can save lives. This is important to know, especially if Mother, Father and family are in earthquake-prone areas. What Can Be Done to Deal with Earthquakes? Inviting families to learn and prepare themselves before an earthquake occurs is expected to make everyone better prepared for a disaster. In order for families to avoid danger during an earthquake, you should prepare a few things: Arranging furniture in the house Mother and Father can arrange the house so it is safer if an earthquake occurs. Fo